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To Do

The Côte d'Azur holiday area is one of the most evocative coastal areas in France. This is the place where the rich and famous come to enjoy the sun, where advertisers film their commercials for new car models and where filmmakers make grateful use of the beautiful natural scenery that is made available to them. The name Côte d'Azur literally means Azure Coast, which owes it to the beautiful azure blue water you see along the coast. 

Through this link you can discover some great tourist spots nearby. 

Chateau Rasque
Chateau Rasque

The wine route of Provence  

Discovery of French Mediterranean Vineyards.
The sea and the beautiful beaches, the warmth, the sun, the crickets sing... An ideal climate for wine production! The sun, dry weather and mistral allow the vines to thrive, well rooted in ideally drained soil. 

Wine is a very old tradition in this region of the world. The Greeks brought it to our country in ancient times and founded cities such as Marseille, Antibes and Nice along the way. Today, the wines of Provence are known all over the world and offer different varieties and flavors that are appreciated by wine lovers. 

What if you discovered Provence in a different way? The wine route of Provence runs through the Var, not far from Roquebrune. The opportunity to stay with us and then go through the vineyards and Provencal landscapes and discover the places of production; the tourist cellars are indeed open for visits. 

Below are some unmissable passages in the Var, near Roquebrune:
Château Vaudois,
Domaine de Marchandise,
Clos des Roses,
Château Rasque
Château Berne.

We explain Château Rasque in a little more detail below, because we really like the wines from the Château.

We wish you a good visit and good tasting! 

Château Rasque, well worth a visit 

Château Rasque, wines full of character that reflect our Provencal terroir and the love for this land. The estate, wide open on its 100 hectares of land, testifies to a way of working where tradition, the search for quality and respect for the soil, the vine and the wine are the key words. 

Out of love for the land, Gérard and Monique BIANCONE decided in 1983 to acquire the Bois de Rasque, a Provençal landscape overlooking Taradeau. A mason by birth, Gérard has always had a builder's soul that he owes to his mother. And Monique, from a family of Bordeaux winegrowers, is committed to creating a traditional vineyard in the heart of Provence. The Chateau is now owned by the children of Gérard and Monique. 

click on the link for the website of the Château.

What else to do

Other things to do in the area In addition to many active things, there are also many things to do for the quiet Enjoyers. 

Stroll down the boulevard at Frejus, St Maxime, St Raphael. 

Enjoy the many tasty and nice terraces / restaurants Visit the markets that are regularly held in the various seaside resorts.
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You can also spend active days in the various seaside resorts, rent St Aygulf- jet ski, Frejus- parachute behind a boat and much more